October 14, 2015

The Oddest Thing About Apple.

There is something striking about the phenomenal success of Apple.

It's something that sensible, non-delusional marketers should take note of.

Despite being the world's premier technology company, and one of the world's most successful online transactional marketers (the iTunes store), the overwhelming majority of Apple's advertising money is spent on traditional advertising -- TV, outdoor, and print.

They use the web brilliantly for their "below the line" stuff. But their advertising is almost exclusively of the traditional variety.

I've only ever seen one banner ad for Apple. I've never seen a Facebook "sponsored post." I don't believe they have a Twitter feed.

Mostly, all they do is that dead old TV and outdoor and print stuff. Yet somehow they've managed to survive and, oh yeah, become the world's most valuable company.

What have the wizards of the marketing and advertising industry learned from this?

Absolutely nothing.

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