August 17, 2015

62% Of Content Viewed By Aliens

We all know that by utilizing big data and online metrics, digital advertising has become incredibly amazing.

Data specialists are capable of understanding everything about who we are and what we do, which is what makes online advertising so darn effective.

I mean, without all this tracking and technology, how could we possible achieve the astounding standard of 8 clicks per 10,000 ads served?

Imagine what display advertising would be like without all this brilliant technology. It might drop to, you know, 7 clicks per 10,000 or something. What a disaster!

Remarkably, one of the things we have learned from studying the data is that over 60% of viewers of online content are from other planets. That's right.

According to an article in The Washington Post, the Washington Redskins of the National Football League reported that there were almost 7.9 billion unique visitors to content about their training camp this summer.

Strangely, there are only 7.2 billion people on Earth.

And of the earthlings, only 40% have internet access.

This leaves only one possible explanation: The majority of these unique visitors must have come from someplace else. These visitors were really unique.

My calculations tell me that, if projectible, this means about 62% of "content" is being consumed by extraterrestrials.

If you ever have any doubt about the value of big data and online metrics, the fact that these awesome tools have once and for all proven the existence of alien beings should ease your mind.

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