July 07, 2014

The 7th Anniversary Edition

Stretching 10 Days Worth Of Content Into 7 Years
This week marks the 7th anniversary of this blog. I never thought it would last this long. As a matter of fact, after about 10 days I had said just about everything I wanted to say.

But it is a testament to the never-ending silliness of the ad industry that after 7 years I still haven't run out of things to make fun of.

Remarkably, the blog is more popular than ever, and I'm enjoying writing it more than ever.

Since this is an anniversary, and since I'm going to take a little time off (more about that below) I am going to take the liberty of rambling a little today.

One Regret
I do have one regret about this blog. There are times when I embarrass people. I don't like doing that.

When I'm taking shots at articles I've read or things I've seen or heard, I try never to mention the names of the people responsible (except the the high and mighty.)  However, because I provide links, there is no secret whom I'm talking about.

I feel lousy when people lambaste my articles and I'm sure the people I rail against feel similarly. Unfortunately when you're writing commentary there is no power without specificity, and so I need to be specific in what I write.

I'm sure I've hurt some feelings and I want the people who have been the target of my sometimes immoderate pronouncements to know there is nothing personal in any of it.

Common Sense Confronts Greed And Ego
About a year ago, when I retired from the agency business, I wrote...
It's supposed to be a bittersweet occasion. But it's not. It's easy. The art  of advertising is still interesting, but the agency business has lost its appeal.
My commitment to sloth and revelry retirement from the agency business was challenged recently when a very attractive offer came my way.

The ceo of a wonderful agency asked me to be chairman of their NY office. I wouldn't  have to move from San Francisco and I would get some ownership in the company.

I was flattered. Then I was flummoxed.

The agency in question has been very successful and I love New York (note to self: that might make a good campaign idea!) and it would allow me the opportunity to spend more time there.

And then reality reared its ugly head. I escaped from the agency business with my life. I just couldn't see myself turning myself back in.

It's obvious from all the writing and speaking I do about advertising that the subject still interests me. But the agency business doesn't.

It's become too difficult and too unnecessarily complicated for a simple mind like mine.

I was having dinner with a friend a few weeks ago and he is in a similar position. He had a successful career in the sports world and is now doing consulting. Because of his expertise he gets a lot of gigs doing "expert commentary" on TV and in newspapers.

We agreed that one of the wonderful things about our current situation is that for the first time in our careers we can say exactly what we believe and not have to sugar coat it or give a damn about pissing anyone off.

It's fun.

Taking A Break
I've developed one of those annoying repetitive stress things in my wrist and apparently the only way to get rid of it is to stay away from the keyboard for a while. So I'll be off the grid and traveling for a couple of weeks.

While I'm gone, please don't let the silliness die.


Dan said...

Have a great time off Bob, rest up your wrist - we need your palaver out here in the blogosphere! Many of us stuck in the quagmire of the advertising world are lost without our fearless leader to help guide us through all the digital and social who-ha! Hurry back...

Stephen Eichenbaum said...

Be glad you're not back in advertising. Your wrist would be even sorer from having to jerk off more clients than ever.

bob hoffman said...

LOL, seriously

Jim Powell said...

7 Years that is some going? What is your Klout score?

Cecil B. DeMille said...

Living on your own terms after years of having to live and think in someone else's must be euphorically wonderful. And here I sit, writing pitch creative that will never be produced for a company that probably couldn't decide whether to shit standing up or sitting down if asked point blank.