August 15, 2012

Festival Of Flagrant Self-Promotion

One upon a time -- a long, long time ago -- when Twitter was only 1 year old, I wrote a book called The Ad Contrarian.
Since then it has been downloaded thousands of times. It has even been cited by several (thoroughly greased) sources as among the best of the recent advertising books. It has been used as a university text -- but don't let that frighten you. It's good anyway.

The third edition is now available. I have added a few pieces, removed a few of the stinky ones, given it a very green cover with my annoying upside-down "contrarian" logo, but mostly left it alone.

It is now available in Kindle format at Amazon. If you're an Apple person, just calm down. All you have to do is download the free Kindle app and you can read it on any Apple device.

I will try to make it available at the iBookstore but, frankly, I have had nothing but aggravation dealing with those freaks.

A print version should also be available soon.

Because I am amazingly generous, and I don't make shit on these things anyway, I am offering the eBook edition of The Ad Contrarian temporarily at 99¢, and also temporarily lowering the price of the 101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising eBook to 99¢ as well.

So forget your back-to-school shopping and buy these things instead. They're cheaper than school books and you might actually learn something useful.

PS: If you write a nice review on Amazon I will buy you a brand new Lexus or a beer. Whichever is less.

In Other News: A good friend is looking to hire 2 talented marketing people for his marketing department. It's in the telecom category. If you're interested and are in the Bay Area or willing to move, send me an email with your creds at

1 comment:

Chris Seiger said...

I love self-promotion posts. If you don't ask, you don't get, right?

And while I would love to work for someone in the ad industry who makes sense, I don't want to live in California. :| But no matter. I'm sure you'll find yourself drowning in a deluge of hopeful candidates by the end of the day.