April 01, 2011

Why You Need An MBA

I often don't post on Friday. But a post of ours from over 10 days ago called Social Media's Massive Failure continues to generate lots of attention, with thousands of people reading it every day this week.

I thought today I'd provide a few links to a few interesting writers who have also had something to say on this subject.

From AdAgeDo Campaign Failures, High-Profile Firings Signal the End of Social Media? Written by Jonathan Salem Baskin.

From Digital Tonto: Who Killed Social Media Marketing? Written by Greg Satell

From The CMO SitePepsi's Market Slide Throws Doubt on Value of Social Media Marketing. Written by Keith Dawson

And since it's April Fool's Day, let's all thank Chuck Nyren for this great video. It is a wonderful example of the type of insightful thinking that is flourishing among today's highly paid social media marketing professionals. My favorite line: "We're less likely to be successful if we try to create something where people already aren't."  

By the way, if you would like to be this confused, I'm afraid you must first earn an MBA.

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