September 08, 2010

Yet Another Crank Theory

If you've been alive more than 45 minutes you've probably noticed something -- people do really stupid shit.

I don't mean stupid like misspelling February. I mean stupid like shooting meth, or piercing their eyelids, or watching Entertainment Tonight. The kind of stupid that can kill you or turn you into a zombie.

If you look deeply enough into any one person's life, I'm pretty sure you can find something stupidly destructive they're doing.

The question is, why?

I guess Freud would say it has something to do with penises or the absence thereof.

But I have a different opinion. I have a crank theory about all this.

I think it's about boredom.

I think people will do anything to avoid boredom -- they'll jump out of airplanes, they'll wrestle alligators, they'll go to social media conferences.

It doesn't matter how stupid it is, if it relieves or impedes boredom, people will do it.

It's the only explanation I can come up with for line dancing and rock climbing and golf and Twitter.

I'll finish this later,  I'm bored.

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