August 04, 2010

A Good Reason To End It All Now

If you are looking for a good excuse to stick a knife in your head, I can confidently recommend reading an article in Adweek this week called "Talking Tradigital."

That's right, tradigital. 

Apparently "tradigital" is the new Cringe-Inducing-Buzzword-Of-The-Week among the digi-drivel set. For sheer lexical horribleness, it will surely take its place right up there with "infotainment."

According to the article, there is a "whole new breed of tradigital agencies." We seem to have a "whole new breed of agencies" every three weeks or so. How about we call a time-out for a year and instead of developing whole new breeds of agencies, we just develop some good ones. You know, the kind that know how to sell stuff.

This article -- if you can call a random collection of cliches an article --  has it all.
"Today's digitally savvy consumer has little interest in allowing you to define how he or she will experience a brand. They're people who do things on their terms."
Okay, lift the knife gently...
"What is a tradigital agency going to do better? It's going to integrate better. It's going to understand and maybe even drive the brand strategy. Then it's going to tell you how to bring it to life online"
...Point the knife carefully at your temple... 
"The tradigital agency demands a seat at the table, where all are briefed on who the customer is, what the brand's objectives are, and what strategies will deliver."
...OH NO!... NOT THE "SEAT AT THE TABLE"... (PLUNGE)......AAAAH.....I'M DEad.....

So I have a question for Adweek. When did you start to take lesson plans from the first day of ad class at bad junior colleges and publish them as "think pieces?"

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