July 13, 2010

Sometimes Even Bloggers Are Right

Here at Ad Contrarian World Headquarters there is no more pleasant surprise than finding out that something we've been howling about for years turns out to be right.

Those of you who have read my semi-brilliant book, The Ad Contrarian (which you can download free right here) know that one of the three principles I espouse is this:
"Advertising messages should be created for, and directed at, the heavy-using, high-yield customers in your category."
I go on to say:
"Most marketers define their target customer in either demographic...or psychographic... terms. I think this is wrong. The target customer should be defined in terms of category usage.
"This is just a fancy way of saying that you should define your target as the high-value customer in the category— regardless of demographics or pyschographics - and create your message to appeal to these people."
Well, it turns out this wasn't just the usual half-assed blogger punditry. Apparently, someone's come up with proof.

According to an article in Ad Age on May 26 entitled Purchase Habits Trump Demographics in TV Buys...
Demographics have almost no effect on whether TV ads produce sales, and consumers' purchase history is the most reliable predictor of success, according to research from TRA, which has been pairing data from set-top TV boxes...since 2008.
The gender and age of viewers has little correlation with the way those viewers respond to ads, TRA President Bill Harvey said..
"TV's major sales effect tends to be among people who are heavy purchasers in your categories..."
Holy shit. I was right.

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