March 19, 2008

Let's Buy Seth A Television

From Seth Godin's blog on Monday:
"...there's plenty of bad economic news floating around. From the price of oil to Wall Street to bailouts to the death of traditional advertising."

The death of traditional advertising? I'm trying to watch a basketball game here and all I'm seeing is 1.9% APR on Ford half-tons.

Would someone please buy Seth a television? Or a radio? Or glasses, so he can see that every square inch of America is covered in advertising? Every dry cleaning bag, every urinal, every bus, and every t-shirt.

Seth's been telling us for years that advertising is dead. And the longer it is not dead the more sure he seems to be that it is.

The problem is not that advertising is dead, the problem is that it's way too alive.

(For more on this this see The End of The World)

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