February 25, 2008

Five Worst Creative Cliches

Next time you make a creative presentation, if you would like to avoid eye rolls and sudden creative death syndrome (SCDS), here are 5 ways not to describe your idea:

1. Aspirational: Sounds like it's having trouble breathing.

2. Edgy: Edgy was edgy in 1998. Edgy no longer edgy.

3. Hard-hitting: This means "We did exactly the kind of dumb-shit idea you wanted, Ms. Client. Aren't we good at kissing ass?"

4. Quirky: Quirky means almost funny. There's nothing less funny than something that's almost funny.

5. Anything-At-All-About-YouTube (AAAAY): There are about 624 million videos on YouTube. The chance of your quirky, edgy video getting any sort of attention is one in, um... 624 million.

Please send your favorite creative cliches to adcontrarian@gmail.com and we'll post 'em.

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