September 03, 2015

Be Sure To Read This Right Now

As compensation for the many hours of gloom, defeatism, skepticism, negativity, and disenchantment which I joyfully bring your way, once in a while I allow myself the indulgence of shameless self-promotion.

Today is one of those days.

Let's start with my newest book, "Marketers Are From Mars, Consumers Are From New Jersey."  If you have not yet bought and read it (on second thought, I really don't care if you read it, just as long as you buy it) you are a cheap-ass free-loader. The damn thing only costs 99¢ in ebook format and $2.99 for a real fucking book.

If you think it's just another crappy ad book with some old MadMan's reminiscences about the time he screwed Tony The Tiger's sister, I'll have you know that the amazingly brilliant and gorgeous people at Time, Inc UK wrote this about it:
"Many of you already read the fantastic Bob ‘The Ad Contrarian’ Hoffman’s blog so you will know about his fabulously irreverent style, his cynicism around what he calls the ‘new media evangelists’ and the clever way he sees beyond the ‘facts’ of research to find the real story...a brutally honest look at the industry today and how jargon, marketing ‘doublespeak’ and the out of control world of ‘branding’ have made us all incapable of seeing through the smoke and mirrors that now dominate our worlds. WARNING: This book will make you laugh out loud if reading in public."
See? It's actually a pretty good book. Read all the reviews here and then buy it.

Next, I want you to go over to my business website (Type A Group) and check out what we've been doing. I particularly want you to think about the last boring-as-shit conference you went to and how it could have been so much more interesting if there was a speaker with some balls. That, by the way, is a reference to my own bad self.

I'm pretty booked up for the rest of 2015, but spring will be here soon and another round of duller-than-dogwater conferences will arrive before you know it. Now is the time to book.

Have a nice Labor Day weekend, and I'll see you back here on Tuesday. And by the way, if you're in NYC come listen to me speak here next Thursday.

Okay, you're free to move about the internet.

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