April 18, 2011

True Advertising Tales

Today we introduce a new feature here at The Ad Contrarian called "True Advertising Tales." These are all certified 100% black angus actual agency stories.

Today's True Advertising Tale comes to us from an agency creative director who overheard and documented the following conversation.

Account Supervisor:  So, we got 11.6 million impressions for the online campaign.

Account Director:  Great! How many emails did we capture?

Account Supervisor:  Nine.

Account Director:  Nine?

Account Supervisor:  Yeah.

Account Director:  Wait...nine?!?! The number nine? Like...nine?!?!?

Account Supervisor:  Yeah.
Account Director:  You mean nine percent?

Account Supervisor:  No. Nine.
Account Director:  You're shittin' me?... Nine?!?!?
Account Supervisor:  Yeah.

Account Director:  Hold on...nine?!?!? We got 11.6 million impressions and NINE people opened the fucking email?

Account Supervisor:  Yeah.
Media Supervisor
:  Well that wasn't really our goal...

Account Director:  It wasn't our goal?? If it wasn't our goal, why the fuck did we do it? So people could IGNORE it? (PAUSE) What the fuck are we gonna tell the client?!?! Nine?!?!? Really?!?!? Nine?!?
Account Supervisor:  Yeah.

Account Director::  Oh my fucking god...NINE???!!!
If you have a True Advertising Tale, please send it to adcontrarian@gmail.com and if it's insane enough we will publish it here, anonymously. We will protect the names, clients, and agencies... but the stories must be told!

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