April 11, 2011

Test Your Online Advertising Knowledge

Here's a quiz to test your knowledge of online advertising and marketing.

1.  How many ads does Facebook serve on a daily basis?
a) 64,000
b) 640,000
c) 64,000,000
d) 64,000,000,000
2. You are twice as likely to be over 95 years old than to...
a) click on a Facebook ad
b) be on the first page of a Google search
c) have more than 100 viewers of your YouTube video
d) have more than 100 Twitter followers
3) 8% of internet users:
a) have accounts at Amazon.com
b) have never done a Google search
c) account for 85% of all ad clicks
d) cannot read
4) The percent of consumers who say they want to interact directly with companies online:
a) 13%
b) 33%
b) 46%
d) 70%
5) The number one reason people "unlike" a brand on Facebook is:
a) the brand posts too many updates
b) the brand's Facebook page has too many ads
c) the brand tries to sell them something
d) the brand has a negative story in the news
6) When you go to Dictionary.com to look up a word, how many tracking files do they install on your computer?
a) None
b) 7
c) 18
d) 234
7) 1/4 of all search engine requests:
a) are misspelled
b) are for pornography
c) are for a restaurant
d) concern pop music
8)  66% of US marketers track increases and decreases in friends, fans, and followers for their social media efforts. What percent track sales for their social media efforts?
a) 12%
b) 29%
c) 56% 
d) 83%
9) 84% of Internet users:
a) never buy anything online
b) never click on an ad
c) never empty their email trash
d) have at least 4 different email accounts
10) What percent of US commerce is conducted on line?
a)   4%
b) 11%
c) 26%
d) 38%

1) Facebook serves up 64 billion ads a day. The correct answer is d.
2) One in a thousand Americans is over 95 years old. 5 in ten thousand Facebook ads get clicked on. Therefore, a person is twice as likely to be over 95 than click on a Facebook ad. The correct answer is a.
3) 8% of internet users account for 85% of all clicks. Another 8% account for the remaining 15%. The correct answer is c.
4) Only 13% of Americans say they want to interact with companies. The correct answer is a.
5) The number one reason people say they "unlike" a brand on Facebook is that brand "overshares." The correct answer is a.
6) According to The Wall Street Journal, when you look up a word on Dictionary.com, they place 234 tracking files on your computer. Correct answer, d.
7) According to Brigham Young University, 25% of all internet searches are for pornography, b.
8) While 2/3 of all companies with social media programs track friends, followers, etc., only 29% track sales, b.
9) 84% of internet users never click on an ad. The correct answer is b. (see #3 above)
10) According to the US Department of Commerce, 4% of commercial activity occurs online. 96% occurs off line. The correct answer is a.

How did you do?

Correction: When I first posted this, in Question #1 I mistakenly had "YouTube" instead of "Facebook." You see, even bloggers aren't perfect.

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