October 02, 2009

The Fool

There's no bigger fool than the one who lives only in the present.

The one who thinks that what he sees is all there is.

The one who doesn't know where the present came from, and concomitantly, has no idea where it's going.

The one who can only see what's in front of him and what's coming at him.

The great pleasure of knowing something is appreciating where it fits. If you don't, you don't really know it. You may recognize it, but you don't understand it.

Being "in the present" is one of the most misguided of all conceits. The present is only a piece of the thread.

The only way to be intelligent is to see the whole ribbon.

...for all the nice comments while I was screwing off last month. The fact that I didn't reply doesn't mean I didn't appreciate them, it just means I was trying to keep my attention away from the blog. I will continue to post but not as frequently. Also, I'm going to write about stuff other than advertising. But -- I promise -- not always as pompous as that stuff today. Also, I'm working on a new book so start saving your pennies.

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