December 04, 2008

Joy Of Eavesdropping In San Francisco

An overheard conversation between two 9-year olds:
Gabe: Dude, I saw the coolest video... this 5-year old dribbling, and like real low and between the legs...

Leo: Dude, I can do that.

Gabe: Dude, you're nine.

Leo: Dude, I could do it when I was 5.

Gabe: Dude, this was girl.

Leo: Dude, that's sexist.

Gabe: No it's not.

Leo: Yes it is. Girls can dribble just as good as boys.

Gabe: Dude, that doesn't mean it's sexist.

Leo: Dude...yes it does. Ask one of your mothers.

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