March 17, 2016

Facebook "Amazed" By Crap They've Been Selling

Facebook had to shut down one of its big projects last week because they "discovered" it was so rife with fraud.

They announced "we were amazed by the volume of valueless inventory" in one of their buying platforms.

You gotta feel sorry for those poor bastards. How were they to know? I mean c'mon, it's not like they have eyes or ears or anything.

Apparently everyone on the planet knows that online advertising is a cesspool of fraud and corruption except the people making a killing on it.

Next thing you know agencies will discover there are problems. Then, who knows, maybe even clients will figure it out.

Nah, only kidding. Clients are so fucking dumb they'll want more.

Count on Facebook to hide their irresponsible screwing of their customers behind a curtain of baloney. Here's what their Head Of Adtech had to say about the "amazing discovery":
"We were able to deliver ads to real people with unprecedented accuracy, but came up against many bad ads and fraud..."
Here's what that bullshit means in English: We delivered ads to millions of bots and six real people. But the six real people were, like, totally in our target group.

He then went on to say:
"This eye-opening experiment left us with a decision: Do we bury quality (which is industry-prevalent), or do we focus solely on building a product in our mission to help marketers deliver and measure true business value? We chose the latter. Value is the better and longer-term view."
Translation: We have some new stuff to sell you, so all the miracles we've been pushing on you all these years is now worthless crap.

Bullshit in online advertising? It's industry-prevalent.

(Update: Apparently the Facebook buying platform in question was in a test and hadn't been launched widely.)

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