October 27, 2014

Revenge Of The Ignorant

Throughout history, the unfailing touchstone of ignorance is the urge to silence those whose opinions we disagree with.

Believe it or not, this impulse even exists in the silly world of advertising.

Last year I was asked to appear at a conference sponsored by a major advertising organization. I won't embarrass them by mentioning their name.

I was happy to accept their invitation as it gave me a chance to speak before some of the owners and leaders of advertising agencies -- for the most part a terrific group of people.

I say "for the most part" because among this group was an agency "leader" who couldn't lead a cat to a litter box. This is a person who has accomplished exactly nothing in his advertising career and is known for having achieved his position through a program of guile, glad-handing, and back-stabbing.

This guy wrote to the organization objecting to the appearance of "the Ad Contrarian" at the conference. 

In the advertising business, there is always a contingent of flat-tires who are powerfully committed to orthodoxy and consider anyone who challenges it a traitor to the business.

The most repugnant of these are the ones who set themselves up as thought police. Not only do they believe that people who dare to stray from their dogma are wrong, they believe we're dangerous and need to be silenced to protect the industry.

One way you can tell if you're doing something worthwhile is to take a look at the bozos who want to shut you up.

Which reminds me...
I'll be speaking next Tuesday, Nov. 4 in London at the Curzon Cinema Mayfair. For information, contact the Outdoor Media Center.


Mikko said...

If you're making someone angry, you're doing something right.

Jason Fox said...

I must be super-duper right. Excellent.

Stephen Eichenbaum said...

A tax-deductible trip to London and a chance to hear you speak. Very tempting.