May 05, 2011

Meet The Schmo

There is a new variety of cmo I have encountered recently. Maybe you've met him.
  • My title is cmo, but my job is advertising coordinator
  • My primary responsibilities are to manage meetings and get approvals
  • I always agree with the highest ranking person in the room
  • My favorite topic is the great things we did at my last job
  • The dumbest person in the world is the person who had this job before me
  • The dumbest agency in the world is the agency she hired
  • I am highly skilled at making pronouncements, but far less skilled at making decisions
  • When I do make a decision, it rarely lasts more than 48 hours
  • I am excellent at delegating responsibility. I am even better at delegating blame
  • I manage the budget, but I don't control it
  • I will be here for 18 months
  • I am an expert on using the latest marketing terminology
  • I don't care if it's good, as long as it's cutting edge
  • I am very well-groomed and very well-fed
  • I am a schmo

Obligatory Chicken-Shit Disclaimer...
....before you start writing feverish emails, there are obviously some very bright and talented cmo's. This is meant to describe a certain variety of the species. Okay? (Sigh.)

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