February 07, 2011

Obligatory Super Bowl Post (#4)

My fourth year of random thoughts on the Super Bowl:
Most Notes Ever Sung Torturing The Star Spangled Banner: Christina Aguilera

No Wonder They Skipped It Last Year: Pepsi

It Wouldn't Be The Super Bowl Without Monkeys: CareerBuilder

Action Movie Trailer That Looked Like Every Other Action Movie Trailer: All of 'em

Longest Run For The Shortest Slide: Audi; Kia Optima; Motorola Xoom

Actually Made Me Laugh: Doritos
Makes Me Darn Proud To Be An Ad Guy: GoDaddy, Shape-Ups
Further Proof That Ads About Advertising Always Suck: Chevy "Teacher";  Bud "Product Placement"; Lipton Brisk "Eminem."
What Did They Need Diddy For? Mercedes-Benz

The Funny-Yet-Pointless Award: Bridgestone "Reply All"
Remember When They Used To Make Great Ads? BMW
Most Egregious Use Of Auto-Tune In A Half-Time Show: Will.I.Was
Gratuitous Mention of Facebook: Chevy

Best Super Bowl Player Name: Frank Zombo 

Will Live Forever: "Cram It In The Boot"

Missing In Action: Web schemes and social media tie-ins

Bad Acting By Bad Singers: Ozzy and Hairboy
Eminem: One for two
The Game Kept Getting Better And The Spots Kept Getting Worse: Super Bowl XLV

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