September 02, 2015

Nothing Is More Effective Than A Display Ad

A couple of years ago I blogged about an experiment...
"...(an astrophysicist from an online analytics firm, a measurement expert from the Advertising Research Foundation, and an ad-platform wizard from a buying and optimization company) decided to do an experiment. The experiment was designed to discover how much clicking of banner advertising was actual engagement with the ad, and how much was just noise -- people clicking for no reason.
The experiment found that a completely blank display ad -- an empty piece of space with no copy and no images -- outperformed the average Facebook ad.

Now we have something even better.

According to Adweek, a totally blank video -- 4 minutes of nothing -- produced by an agency and uploaded to YouTube generated over 100,000 views.

The average idiot viewer watched this nothing for over 2 minutes.

And almost 1% of the people who watched it clicked through to the agency's website. This is a click-through rate about 10 times that of the average display ad.

Nothing is more effective than a display ad. Literally.

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