March 18, 2015

Top 6 Reasons Agencies Love The Web

The agency business -- particularly "big advertising" -- has adopted a knee-jerk inclination to disparage traditional advertising and advocate for the web. Here's why:
1. Doing good advertising is hard. Yapping about precision targeting is easy.
2. Doing good advertising is hard. Yapping about collecting data is easy.

3. Doing good advertising is hard. Yapping about social media is easy.

4. Doing good advertising is hard. Yapping about engagement is easy.
5. Doing good advertising is hard. Yapping about technology is easy.
6. Finding people who can do good advertising is hard. Finding people who can yap about precision targeting and collecting data and social media and engagement and technology is easy.
The agency business has become a little too comfortable with easy. And a little too uneasy with hard.


  1. Competent creative – much less good – is hard to find. I'm in a smaller market and they're like hen's teeth. They can yap all they want about the asinine stuff as long as they get the Hell out of my way when it's time to do the real work. I just wish I could find some non-freelance help. Someone I can rely on to do great stuff even when the brief is shit. And the brief is always shit.

  2. Good advertising makes it hard to stay flaccid

  3. So much easier to do the wrong things righter.

  4. Man do I feel your pain. Where I am I wish could find a great agency to work with!

  5. yapping about good advertising is easy. Using data and or tech to deliver good advertising is hard. But you already know that....

  6. Is this another symptom of lazy thinking in advertising?

    "Reliance on smartphones linked to lazy thinking"

  7. You could replace the word "advertising" with "management", and it would be just as true.