November 28, 2011

101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising

I know what you're thinking.

"Wouldn't it be great if I could have the best of the wit and wisdom of The Ad Contrarian in one handy little eBook that I can read any time I need a dose of reality or just something to take to the toilet?"

Well, guess what? My new book 101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising has just been published.

It is a measly $2.99 here at Amazon. That's less than Starbucks charges for just standing around and smelling a triple grande non-fat latte. I have priced it so low for you -- the glorious 99%!

The book is a compilation of the best pieces from this blog, plus articles I've written for Adweek, plus some other stuff I just threw in to fill it out. Here's what the critics are saying.
"...Ten times funnier than Beowulf. Maybe eleven."
"...Hoffman is a national treasure. Oh no, wait a minute. That's the Liberty Bell."
"...A brilliant translation from the original Swedish."
"...You can read it while driving. Don't worry, nothing will happen."
"...I saved over $30,000 buying this book instead of remodeling my kitchen."
Best of all, it makes a perfect holiday gift for all your friends and family members who can read.

How To Buy It
If you're a Kindle owner, just go here and download it.

If you're a Mac person (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch) first go here and download the free Kindle app, then go here and buy the book.

101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising is now the #3 best-selling ad book at Amazon's Kindle store. Thank you!

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