October 02, 2007

New Species of Human

According to most new age marketing gurus, there is apparently a whole new species of human being. This species has some interesting traits:

1. Other than the internet, they don’t trust media.
2. They are immune to marketing.
3. They dislike advertising.
4. They want a “conversation” with brands.

This, of course, is a lot of nonsense. But it’s remarkable how widespread these beliefs are becoming in the advertising and marketing community. Just to set the record straight:

1. The internet is by far the least trusted of major media sources (click on chart above.)

2. No one is immune to marketing. That’s why companies spend so much time and money doing it.

3. Nobody has ever liked advertising. At best, advertising is a minor annoyance. Always has been. Always will be.

4. Most people don’t even have time to have a decent conversation with their children. Do you really think they want to have a conversation with “brands”?


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